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midnite-musings asked: Hi there, I just recently came across your blog while searching the "interior architecture" tag here on tumblr. I'm from Western Australia and planning to study Interior Architecture in Semester 1 2015. Is there any tips or advice you wish you had known or would like to share for someone who's thinking of studying this? All the best with your studies. :D - Annie

Hi Annie,

Great to hear from you. My first question to you would be what do you think Interior Architecture entails?


summing it up..

This blog has been a mish-mash of thoughts and documented adventures.. I’m okay with that. The interior design inspiration has come in small doses which I am now happy to report on!

This exchange year was challenging. I came up against many challenges health being one of them. I have learnt much.. so much so that a blog post could not possibly sum it all up. 
Interior Architecture study in England, has taught me to read buildings better and look at how the old and new can be incorporated and balance out each other. Making new from the old.. that is something I have always loved. You can find this all over England and Europe. Australia just doesn’t have the depth of this kind of architectural history.
 Our last design project was focused on re-imagining this old mill in Wakefield. 

After I handed in my last project I went on a spontaneous road trip to Bath, Wales- loved!, Warwick Castle, Oxford. I also had another round of London adventures: Seeing Olympic Park in Stratford, visiting the place where my mum and dad worked and also met (so much fun), meeting up with my granddad whom I have not seen for 13+ years (precious).

To somehow wrap up this time..

I have seen God blow my mind time and time again on this trip. From the friends I have gained at university, to my church friends who have become family, to the places I have got to see, the lessons I have learnt, the tears I have cried, the growing pains I have endured, the blood family I have got to connect with, has all contributed to what has been a rich and literally life changing experience.

To have come and lived in England for almost a year has been a dream fulfilled. 

Here’s to seeing many more dreams fulfilled!






Life defined?

Life defined? Is it defined by the people you are with? Is it defined by where you are.. In the world? Or is it defined by your job?
These things are subject to change though aren’t they?

The secret to learning to be content in whatever situation? Paul learnt it. 

11 “Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. 12 I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. 13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” - Paul (Philippians 4:11-13)

What is the secret to being content? God’s strength. 

Then the emphasis is not on the variables but on the constant. And the constant brings the joy. The constant means I can rest and not fret. The constant means I can have peace of mind. The constant means I can be happy whatever the situation, the surrounding.

My life is this: God is my father, my friend and my hope and I am going to be okay.

p.s. I know I have blogged a lot about this sort of thing.. but I guess it’s just something that the Lord keeps reminding me to remember. 
Oh and it’s 8 weeks til leave!

Small thought, wise lesson.

If there is another thing I have learnt while being overseas.. it’s this: life still happens. Venturing to another place doesn’t make problems disappear, hurts fly away (only God can bring ease to those situations). You also don’t get super powers. (Thank you instagram for showing all the highlights). But you do grow and learn. It is this very thing that makes an experience rich.

Life is going to happen wherever you go.. It is having a connection to a trusting source that makes the zig zag journey so worthwhile- for me it has been God. Not to mention the privilege of your path colliding with some cool people, cool sights and cool weather brrr.

This experience has been invaluable and unforgettable. Here’s to the remaining 4 months! : )

flying on planes and taking snaps.

OK. Well this took a while to pubiish..
I finished my first semester abroad and then the ol’ twin came over from (Nov 2013- Jan 2014) before I started my second semester.

We did some travelling.
Dublin. Edinburgh. Paris. Budapest. Venice. Rome.

Photos alone don’t do the travels justice, but combined with a good travel journal, and a sister to share the memories with there is hope. Haha. (Each place we went to really needs it’s own post, so I will begin with this for now).

~ Dublin City was our first stop and one of my favourites. Could of been the beautiful sights, or the pub life, or maybe it was the dreamy Irish accent. Probably the latter. ~

Prior to coming overseas I had a quiet goal to see the sun rise and set in different countries. I got to see this and so much more. It is mind blowing how vast the world is.

Psalm 24:1
"The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and all those who dwell therein.. "

Travelling is fun, challenging, tiring, gives you muscles, makes you laugh and cry all at the same time, causes you to take initiative and improvise and see the world in a whole new light.

a bunch of moments and memories

Life consists of a whole lot of moments: precious, great and hard moments. Moments that once occurred, turn into memories. Memories of victories, hardships, lessons and just life really.

Why is that in the moment life feels slow, but in hindsight seem as fast as lightening. Why is it that at times, finding joy can be one of the hardest things. Why is it that the unknown is terrifying. Is it because we fear losing control, or fear that in actual fact we have no control.

I think that the answer is.. we struggle to trust. We were made for so much more than we realise. The war within is learning to trust in something greater than ourselves.. that something which in reality is the one thing, that has the ability to make that ‘made for so much more part’ come to fruition.
Why is that the hard parts almost feel too hard to bear sometimes, who am I kidding- most of the time they do…
but then there is a God that is standing by saying ‘I am with you. Always, I am with you.’

And then there are those moments of absolute bliss. The moment you realise how blessed you are to call different people you know, friend. The moments when you realise, you can breathe and that God in fact is with you. The moment where you find yourself in one of those soul fulfilling elements and you smile.

I am learning to have faith. A little more faith in a God who really does have our journeys on this earth planned out.. along with the people we meet, the things we do, the jobs we have, the places we travel, the lessons we learn, the joys we have, the tears we cry. Everything that encompasses this life, He has worked out (that’s past and present tense). And there must be some severing of the fear we have of this life in order to harness the faith we need to hold onto. Faith he has got it. Faith it is all going to be good, and when it doesn’t feel like it is, it still is good, somehow. Perfect love casts out all fear.. When I know, even in just the slightest ounce of the love God has for me.. How can worry or fear overtake me.

In John 16:33 Jesus is speaking with his disciples about what was to come for them,
"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But TAKE HEART; I have overcome the world."

That’s just it.. Life is a journey with all its good and hard bits. But we got to know that God is with us. I’ve got to know this.


'Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.' Joshua 1:9

more london lovin’

Explored again. Inspired again. In my element again.

Oh England and your beautiful architecture and design!

After getting a taste for retail and hospitality design back home at university, I now cannot walk into a retail or hospitality store without pondering its design. Rather than browsing products, my eyes are drawn to questions like: What is that product sitting on? How are those shelves put together? How are those amazing lights hung? What material was used to create this? What is the floor made of? 

One more question: What has my degree done to me?! Ha! I love it though. I have a whole new appreciation. Knowledge does give greater insight. 

While I was frolicking in London with my Aussie friend, we passed many innovative and creatively design stores. One store in particular we intentionally hunted down was Aēsop.
I first came across this retail shop earlier this year whilst researching for retail inspiration. Fun fact: There is no ’ one’Aēsop that is the same as another. They all use different architects! How cool is that! I very much enjoyed admiring this particular Aēsop store design. The shelves and the POS are one with the walls, balancing out the lights, plant feature and floor.. Nice to look at wouldn’t you agree!

Check out their product here:

After this weekend I am realising that I love to create things. Create the new; recreate the old in any and every setting- creating has no particular context.

In order for designs like the Aēsop stores to even exist.. someone needed to think out of the box!

Time to think more out of the box perhaps?
                                      Enjoy a few extra London snaps while you do x



Exploring York was pretty sweet. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Medieval vibes. Cute alleyways. Old school looking shops. Hanging shop signs. You name it. Felt like I was walking through a set for a medieval movie, waiting for my knight in shining armour to come round the corner on a horse (just kidding). 

I couldn’t take my eyes off the architecture (classic interior design student right). How these old buildings and retail spaces were built from what looked like chunky wood posts. 

Highlights of the day:
- Yorkminster has 2 millions pieces of stained glass - impressive!
- Tried Yorkshire pudding- delish!
- Made some great new friends from Brazil and Finland.
- Awesome street entertainment too!

My soul was definitely singing…
I think it’s safe to say  e x p l o r i n g  is one of my sweet spots.


done and dusted.. week 1 of uni that is.

Start of week 2 at uni and I thought.. making it through the first week was blog-worthy.

Yep. Week 1 of uni done and dusted. 

It was a very busy and long week settling into university and trying to establish my timetable. 

One of my subjects required us to survey and measure stairs. My group was assigned the stairs in the Leeds Art Gallery. They aren’t the most exciting stairs, but none the less it was still interesting.

Have you ever thought about what constitutes a stair? Or how it is constructed and manages to stay firmly fixed? What are stairs made out of? (Haha may not be the most intriguing questions but i’m interested.)

Stairs are a means of getting to a higher place. I think it’s so cool when you take a moment to really look at something for what it really is. Gives the object a whole new meaning. 

When you study something, you begin to look at that very thing differently. Noticing more of the particular object that you explored. In the past week I have noticed myself analysing stairs that I see or have walked up in my every day travels.

                                                              Study is enlightening.

With knowledge comes insight and with insight comes a perspective shift.

 I am SO loving being here.

P.s. Enjoy the stairs from Leeds Art Gallery! Woo!



Nice one Harrods.

When I was in London last week, I visited the famous ‘Harrods’ at Knightsbridge. What was a tiresome hike through 5 floors of retail goodness was super fun and enjoyable.


Harrods.. Everything, so pristine. Products and people do not lack in this place. Neither did the overwhelming aroma of perfumes. 

The design of this retail space is quite glamourous. From the lighting, to the displays, to the floor upon which eager shopper’s feet walked. Everything is so beautifully placed. Together with music, lighting and colours- all these contributed to creating atmosphere.

Each room within this retail space portrayed different environments. When you walked through you felt encompassed in a whole another world as you ventured in.

Amazing design! Amazing.

And just for some fun, check out my future bath tub I will have in my home..